Life Coach / Wellness Navigator

Finding the Right Path to Health

Navigating your own health and wellness path can be difficult. For most, it’s hard to know if you need reiki, a nutritionist or both.

Booking a 45-minute Wellness Navigator session is a great way to help you find the right therapy for you. We’ll do a confidential, comprehensive intake and talk about what’s going on, what you’ve tried, and any worries or roadblocks you’ve encountered. Then I’ll recommend a path to healing, either using one or more of our in-house practitioners or with someone else in the community.

From there, you can opt for my continued support and guidance as a wellness coach where we have check-ins, wellness strategies, and goal markers to make sure you are progressing as planned and are feeling better. I offer support and accountability to help you achieve your health goals, which often includes breaking old patterns to create space for transformation.

“Jaimee’s Navigator program was perfect for me because I didn’t have time to learn about all the different therapies available out there. She streamlined the process and pointed me in the right direction when I could have floundered quite a bit before landing on what worked.”

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