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February 3, 2020   |   April 6, 2020   |    June 1, 2020

We are pleased and honored to have Ms. Dale Thomas, Certified Clinical Thermographer, to offer thermography screenings here at our Easthampton office.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is a totally non-invasive, radiation-free, painless digital infrared thermal imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring many diseases and physical injuries by showing thermal abnormalities anywhere in your body.

This FDA-registered procedure uses a highly sensitive camera and computer to take pictures of the heat patterns and blood flow in the body. It creates a digital map of a patient’s unique thermal signature. Over time, it can detect the slightest physiological changes in that digital map, which may indicate the onset of disease, if left unattended.

Think of it as a health screening and another tool in your arsenal for better health. It neither diagnoses nor replaces any one diagnostic procedure. Rather, it can be used in conjunction with other procedures and devices to provide additional data, aiding practitioners in the creation of a well-informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

How does it help?

Early Detection & Prevention

The reason we refer to thermography as a health screening or risk assessment screening is because it warns you if you may be at a higher risk for a particular disease or dysfunction. Also, it allows you the time to discover what is driving that higher risk (i.e., diet, lifestyle, hormones, emotions, chemicals, etc.) and gives you the opportunity to make changes that can lower your risk.

As a woman’s annual health screening, breast thermography offers the chance for early detection of breast disease. It is safe and effective for all women and is particularly useful for younger women, who can and should begin breast screening much earlier than the suggested age of mammogram testing. It is also useful for women with denser breast tissue, larger breasts, implants, and who have undergone mastectomies or breast reductions.

In fact, just about everyone can benefit from thermography. Why? Because inflammation in your body is a precursor to all types of disease and dysfunction, and thermography provides early detection of inflammatory processes. So, it is a powerful tool for prevention. Thermography may also be used to monitor treatment and therapy for conditions, including arthritis, back/neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, heart/breast/lung disease, headache/sinus issues, stress fractures and more.

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