Christy O’Donnell

Christy O’Donnell – Massage Therapist

Christy’s journey as a massage therapist began in 2007 after graduating from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in New Jersey. Soon after graduating she had moved to California and then eventually to Oregon to pursue an education in human and environmental biology. She has worked for an array of different medical practitioners ranging from chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopathic doctors, and physical therapists. Her experiences with the body had intrigued her to learn more and as of now she is finishing her degree in Biocultural Anthropology and moving into her master’s program in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in September.

Christy believes that the body has an innate knowledge to help heal itself. Massage helps to awaken the tissues to relax, un-adhere, and to regain fluidity so that the tissue will regain the health and nutrients it needs. Christy has taken extended educational courses in personal training and visceral manipulation and intertwines these methodologies into her treatment plans. She treats using therapeutic modalities of Swedish, deep tissue, medical massage, lymphatic, and abdominal work. Each massage is different for every patient and will have its unique treatment plan that best fits their needs. Her focus is to help the mind and body to get reunited again while bringing structural alignment, flexibility, and support to the physical form.

If you have any questions for Christy don’t hesitate to call and ask: (973)-960-0843

Appointment days/hours: Monday 8am -7:30pm, Friday 8am – 7:30pm.

**All new patient appointments made online will be followed up with a phone call to discuss and confirm the appointment made.

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