About Jaimee 

Hi! I’m Jaimee Roncone

Wellness Navigator / Owner / Cancer Thriver

Several years ago, I envisioned a space where people could come to be physically, emotionally and spiritually supported in their health journeys by a community of skilled practitioners—a space that was bright, comfortable and protected from the hustle of the outside world. That vision was seeded and grew into the wonderful space that is the Healing Tree Health and Wellness Center. We have an extraordinary group of practitioners who feel like family and a space that feels like home.

I used the words Healing Tree because I am drawn to the healing power of nature and to the idea of offering a foundation that keeps people grounded while they reach for the sky.

A lifelong learner who is insatiably curious (always reaching for the sky myself), I started my healing practice as a massage therapist and soon became certified in craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, oncology massage, and massage cupping and Vacutherapies™ . Like branches on the tree, these modalities offered a comprehensive skillset I used to address many health concerns.

A cancer diagnosis changed my life and has deepened my calling to serve people on their healing journeys. Now I work as a Wellness Navigator and Wellness Coach, certified from the Health Coach Institute, for all people who need help navigating their health, but especially for those dealing with cancer.

Visit the Thrive page to learn more about my work with cancer thrivers.

As I walk my own path to health, my heart is called to bring more resources to Healing Tree. Currently, I am building a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary Rest Cave onsite for clients who need profound rest (everyone, really), and I am offering Daring to Rest™ Yoga Nidra sessions to instill a deep calm in the body and mind so that healing can occur more easily.

I feel extremely blessed to be part of this community and to share my talents and spirit with everyone who walks through the door. I hope you decide to share your healing journey with us at Healing Tree. It is an inspiring place where health and wellness is restored, happiness is achieved, and good friends made.

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