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“No woman should wake up alone.” – Jaimee Roncone


Most people are aware of the havoc stress causes in the body and of the link between good sleep and health. Still, our society seems to value the go-go-go-attitude that depletes people’s energy and takes away their health. 

I learned the value of deep rest on my cancer journey when doctors repeatedly told me to decrease my stress and lay down and rest often. How can I do that? I thought. I am a mother and a healer, and I’ve spent my life working for others. And with cancer, rest can be difficult because the medications often disrupt sleep.

I was so grateful to discover yoga nidra as a means to calm my body and encourage the rest I so desperately needed. I loved not having to answer to anyone during yoga nidra sessions. All I had to do was lie down and listen to someone else’s voice guide me into the most deep and meaningful healing I’ve ever experienced. 

I was so moved by this practice that I joined the Daring to Rest™ movement and became a certified yoga nidra guide to “help women (and brave men) take back rest – because well-rested women feel happier, healthier, and change the world from a more conscious, peaceful place.” (Daring to Rest™ website)

And now, we are building a Rest Cave in the Wellness Center for people to come and enjoy a comfortable deeply necessary place to rest. More on that soon!

Personalized sessions and group naps available.

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