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With the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to let you know that Healing Tree Health and Wellness is here for you. While our brick and mortar location is closed, we are still operating digitally. For products, you can visit our store. For updates about when our infrared sauna is reopening, please visit this page. For more information and support about services offered online, please contact Jaimee.

Jaimee RonconeHi! I’m Jaimee Roncone

Wellness Navigator / Owner / Cancer Thriver.

I believe everyone is healthier when they are supported by a caring community. That’s why I created Healing Tree Health and Wellness Center. Here you’ll find an extraordinary group of practitioners who feel like family in a space that feels like home. Everyone is welcome, safe and supported here.

Choose from a range of integrative, supportive and complementary therapies, including an Infrared sauna and thermography, or book a 45-minute session with me as your Wellness Navigator to create a custom-designed wellness plan.

If you’re a fellow woman with cancer, let’s talk about how my Thrive program can help you.

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Women Who Rise, a collection of short stories from inspiring women, will be released on May 7th, 2020. Jaimee Roncone is one of the authors featured.

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