Together We Heal & Thrive!

Restore energy and balance, connect to your body, and heal with our caring community of highly-skilled practitioners.

Hi! I’m Jaimee Roncone

Wellness Navigator / Owner / Cancer Thriver.

I believe everyone is healthier when they are supported by a caring community. That’s why I created Healing Tree Health and Wellness Center. Here you’ll find an extraordinary group of practitioners who feel like family in a space that feels like home. Everyone is welcome, safe and supported here.

Choose from a range of integrative, supportive and complementary therapies, including an Infrared sauna and thermography, or book a 45-minute session with me as your Wellness Navigator to create a custom-designed wellness plan.

If you’re a fellow woman with cancer, let’s talk about how my Thrive program can help you.

Visit Healing Tree for:

Massage Therapy, Nutrition Counseling, Reiki, Reflexology, Talk Therapy, Thermography, Naturopathy, Infrared sauna, and Thrive, a program for women with breast cancer.

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